Welcome to the website of Hiren®
A brief introduction
Welcome dear visitor, to my homepage. Allow me to
introduce myself, My name Ming also known under
the nickname "Hiren" and I develop websites for
small businesses and personal use. I started creating
websites around 9 years ago when I was 14 years old
(With Geocities) and kept my own little blog for more
than 3 years.

I have created many websites since then. Due to my
curious nature I have built websites with many tools,
I am familiar with a lot of them such as: "Joomla,
Prestashop, Wordpress, Dreamweaver and my all
time favorite WYSIWYG" (Due to the user
friendliness). Despite creating many websites, I do
not consider myself a professional or have
considered a study in webdesign or programming.

I would much rather persue a carreer in economics 
and management. Which is why I'm currently
attending the study "Business Administration". But I
have decided to keep developing websites as a
hobby. So if you are in need of a website, I could
create one for you for the fraction of what a website
would cost at a professional studio.

Interested in your own website? call or mail me!

Tel.: (+31) 6 34 99 66 07
e-mail.: minghongzeng@hotmail.com

Note: I have no connection at all with the awesome
guy that created Hiren's Bootdisk!
Questions and Answers (FAQ)
Q: Why does your own website look like crap?
A: Because I don't see the point in developing a fancy
website for myself. I'd much rather spend that time on
other things. My abilities can be found in the websites I
created for others

Q: Can you even build websites properly?
A: Take a look at my portfolio, it speaks for itself. Also,
I've created numerous websites where the client did not
want my initials on it and therefore I decided not to publish
those sites.

Q: Why should I hire you instead of .......?
A: You don't have to, however lots of people have chose
me because I am: fast, efficiënt, affordable and deliver
satisfactory results.

Q: I need a website, here's 50 bucks!
A: Keep your money, go buy a book on webdesign and
build it yourself. I said I am affordable not retarded.

Q: I can just rip off or copy someone's template!
A: Yes, you could. But what decent company would "steal"
someone's design & work. If the webdesigner finds out
about it, the company in question could face some serious
problems too.

Q: What additional services do you provide?
A: Besides building the actual website I can provide
additional services such as: setting up the email, hosting,
domain, SEO service or even maintaining the websites
afterwards. It all depends on what the client prefers.

Q: What would it cost for you to build a website?
A: That is hard to say, the prices are always based on how
complicated a website is and what the client wants. But for
a basic 5 page website (client provides images +
information, NO CMS) it would be approximately 150
Chinese restaurant

Chinese restaurant

Retailers association

Artist Jia Bei's gallery

Jenny & Co leatherware

Personal Traveling blog

Upon request I could show
you more of my work.